The NGO Civilisation 2.0 is a law 1901 non profit association. The enterprise belongs to explorers from different fields and diversified horizons who got themselves organized in September 2013. This information area is also used as a convergence experimental laboratory and for studies operating on the complementarity and synergy principles as much in educational as in scientific domains.

Civilisation 2.0 represents the next stage in the development of activities supporting The Venus Project enterprise, its association Future By Design, as well as its local extensions like the Ukrainian/CEI NGO Designing The Future, the Greek association The Pangea and the Portuguese association Futuragora.

In this orientation and by combining our expertise and the many human resources that follow us, our team set itself ambitious objectives such as public and school reforms, a narrower collaboration with the media, the production of documentaries, animations, TV series, offering public conferences, the setting up of ‘cafe-rencontre’, the convergence of communication tools…

The organization was set up with a view of developing knowledge, research and innovative technologies symbolically oriented on positive popular perspectives. Thus it can welcome territorial collectivities, public institutions, universities, communities networks as well as individualities to raise discovery awareness, the broadcasting and the applying of our statutory objects.

These last ones are to promote and structure a modern vision of society, to increase knowledge in the fields of science, technology, sustainability and engineering, modulated around common interests on the rationalisation of concepts and the implementation of projects.

In conclusion, the mission of Civilisation 2.0 is to assist its members to carry out their projects and to help the developing of the entire society in phase with its constitutional concepts and allow its sister organizations named above to be worked with. Each one of these three missions is linked by a coordinating conjunction in full knowledge that one cannot work and function without the other two. This therefore constitutes the initial and inalienable introduction of Civilisation 2.0.

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